• Our products are "Made in Germany" - manufactured here by us in Gößnitz!

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A few general notes

Delivery Times

Our profiles are not warehouse items (this includes standard profiles) and they are manufactured to order. The respective delivery time depends on the amount ordered, the profile type and the time of the order; all delivery times are therefore confirmed in writing, verbal agreements are not.

Special Services

The supply lengths for our standard programme are in principle 100 cm, 150 cm and 200 cm; there are however a few exceptions here! Special lengths are possible. Please request the single profile. Running metres in the special profile area can be supplied in 100 cm or 200 cm lengths. Special lengths as above or in line with the individual offer.

Running metres can be made with side coating, mitre cut, offset cut or complete offset.

Special profiles can be made by means of structural sketches, original patterns, templates or similar. Here a proof is created which the customer must confirm. All special services are charged at additional cost.


Return of special profiles is not possible.
For standard profiles return is only possible in exceptional cases following previous agreement and confirmation by ourselves; costs for the customer will however be incurred by this.


Due to time related, internal sequences (short delivery times) only possible following agreement and confirmation by ourselves. This can also result in costs for the customer.

Measurement Deviations

Production related dimensional deviations of 2 to 3 mm are possible and do not represent defects.


Warranty by German Civil Code (BGB)